Deal Music and Arts

Deal Music and Arts team worked tirelessly throughout Lockdown to ensure that we could still bring meaningful projects to our participants.

Bold As the project was put on hold we engaged with primary school pupils online as we produced films of popular music with a Bass Quintet all involving an education element. We were able to work in the late Spring and Autumn terms with Bold As students at the Dover Schools who joined together at the end of the term to perform a concert for school staff. Peter Cook and Phil White (Philharmonia Orchestra) worked during the lockdown on producing an education book which will be used as an aide-memoire for primary school children who are working on Bold As guiding them on how to play the instrument but is also interactive and gives tunes to play along to. Interest has already been shown by other Education Hubs in this book.

We collaborated with Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and spent 3 days at Blackheath Concert Hall filming and recording Pictures at an Exhibition. This recording is already an inspiration to young musicians but is also the bedrock for two education projects which will come to fruition in 2022 – a contemporary dance project where pupils select a piece to improvise a new contemporary dance that will be part of a Dance Festival in 2022. The other will be a photographic project in memory of Tony Nandi, our honorary photographer who died in 2020. This will be judged by professional photographer Sim Canetty Clarke. Our Jazz Journey project started back in schools in the Autumn and we were able

to do our Creative Jazz Weekend led by Joe Browne with National Youth Jazz Orchestra Ambassadors and trombonist Chris Valentine. All regulations were adhered to and we worked with 30 people with a concert for friends and family as the final part of the weekend. As the new NYJO Academy in the South East, we launched this in October 2021 led by Joe Browne and with NYJO Ambassadors – 25 people enrolled for These from all over Kent and NYJO were delighted with the response – sessions are now planned for 2022.

Goodwin Academy is the only secondary school in Deal with many students (34% 292 students) falling within the People Premium category Peter Cook worked with students on Arts Awards and we started our Music Centre prior to Lockdown and were able to restart this in September – its success is outstanding with over 50 participants aging from 9 – 80 with 7 streams, Ukuleles, Voice, Beginners Brass, Intergeneration Band and more. During the 2021 Festival, we ran two Ukulele workshops with the Founder of the Ukulele Orchestra of GB, George Hinchliffe. Our Artistic Director, Paul Edlin did a virtual interview with Evelyn Glennie for Goodwin Academy Students attended by over 50 young people who had come up with the questions. 

COVID has had a huge affect on everyone’s life and in some ways it has taught us to review what we do and see how we can improve on every aspect of our work. We set up an Education Committee, which included the head of Performing Arts at Goodwin Academy, to ensure that we were in line with current thinking within schools’ curriculum for music and arts. This has been highly successful and has led to us exploring ways in which we work and also looking more at progression and linking our education work.

Our YouTube channel which we started in April 2020 has now attracted over 30,000 hits and several of the most successful films are those which have an education element – the film made of Jas Kayser at the Creative Jazz Weekend with a tutorial on percussion, has now got over 6,000 views and also Samuele Telari, accordion, playing The Goldberg Variations has received 5,703 views. Because of the fine quality of our recordings, as we have a professional recording engineer on our team, our work has increased the profile of DMA. As part of our work during Lockdown we produced lectures by Christopher Cook, our chair but also well-known BBC3 broadcaster and also talks by Paul Edlin our Artistic Director which featured composers and their music. We also made the first recording in Canterbury Cathedral of their new Harrison and Harrison organ which was played by Jamie Rogers (now the cathedral’s Assistant Organist) who was one of DMA’s first bursary winners.

It is very clear that young people need to engage practically in music making which has been shown by the enthusiasm to return to the Music Centre. Our Education Director has been given the opportunity to address Assemblies which have encouraged more young people to join the Music Centre. One of the major successes of the Music Centre is that with the help of Kent Music we have been able to lend instruments to young people who would never be able to afford to purchase them for themselves – it has meant so much to them and improved their playing enormously. After reviewing our outcomes we developed the idea of the fringe (and education elements within it) to reach greater and wider audiences? It will also increase opportunities to work with different partners as grass root level.


Music Centre
“very enjoyable and stimulating music groups” 

“It’s brilliant being able to play with others, really enjoyed the concert, I am so pleased I was brave enough to come along a few weeks ago. It is so nice to feel part of something, it has helped my confidence immensely”.

“we see how excited and proud she is of herself when she has finished a lesson and shown us what she has learnt”.

“attending the music centre has a positive impact of them both, they are both confident and proud to talk about their experience of playing with family and friends”

We are grateful to the following who made this possible:
Arts Council England, Cavatina Chamber Music Trust, Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust, Deal Town Council, Dover Town Council, Goodwin Academy, John Hobson Fund, John Swire 1989 Charitable Trust, KCC Members Grant, Kent Music, Lawson /Endowment Fund for Kent, Mark Loveday Charitable Trust, Mary Farrell Bursary, Port of Dover Harbour Board, Sir Graeme Odgers, Sgts Mess Productions, The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, The Cleary Foundation, The Drapers’ Company, The Guy & Elinor Meynell Charitable Trust, The Henry Smith Charit